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An Excursion in Miskolc

We had an enjoyable time on our anniversary excursion in Miskolc. We were happy that many of our friends, their guide dogs and volunteers joined us to explore the Bükk Mountains together.

In the picture there are people walking side by side and behind each other. There are two dogs running in the front.
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Máté and Fülöp Passed Their Exam

Máté and his guide dog, Fülöp have successfully passed the traffic safety exam in Dunaújváros. Fülöp, the one and a half year old Labrador, who has been watching over Máté’s steps since March, navigated his owner on the route pulled at the exam with his usual professionalism. Even the pouring raind could not…

In the picture a guide dog, a black Labrador, is leading up the steps his young owner, Máté
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Our Goodwill Ambassador, Tibor Dobson, Brigadier General

Mr. Tibor Dobson, President of the Hungarian Firefighter Association became our new Goodwill Ambassador.The Brigadier General had already been interested in the orinetation techniques of visually impaired people, since firefighters often have to do their job „blindly” because of the billowing smoke. He happily accepted the ambassadorial post, which is a great honor for…

In the picture the blindfolded Brigadier General is guided by a black Labrador on the sidewalk.
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Felhő in a School

Not only the sky was cloudy today…. we visited the first grade pupils of the Primary School of Fóti út with our skillful and charming guide dog-in-training, Felhő („cloud” in English), whom the children have been waiting with great excitement.The pupils experienced in games how to move ”blindly” with the help of a…

In the picture a black guide dog is leading a little blindfolded boy. The dog’s leash is held by his trainer.
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