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International Guide Dog Day

Travelling with a guide dog, playing table tennis and tic-tac-toe blindfolded… – visitors are welcomed in nearly 20 cities all over the country on the occasion of the International Guide Dog Day on Saturday, April 25. and other specialties are among the different programs which can be of interest to sighted people – everything they…

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The 50th Baráthegyi Guide Dog

Many thousands of people can celebrate a success in our country rooted in Miskolc: the 50th Baráthegyi guide dog has passed the traffic safety exam on April 15, in Bács-Kiskun County. A Labrador called Maximus is the 50th guide dog since the regulatory requirements were introduced in 2009 who demonstrated before the Examining Board…

József  Király is walking down the sidewalk with his yellow Labrador
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Self-confident with a guide dog

The cooperation of an other guide dog couple was strengthened by a successful traffic safety exam at the end of march. Tamás Terhes and his guide dog Labrador Jampi walk, as usual, confidently in the city centre of Szeged. Getting around on crowded squares and travelling with a bus getting on and off do…

In the picture a man is standing in the street and his labrador is sitting next to his legs.
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