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Dió and Delta in Hernádszentandrás

Tolerance and acceptance of others are one of the most important things in the world. In Hernádszentandrás we participated in an event that was centered around these principles. Let’s be more open and emphatic!

In the picture a boy in a wheelchair is being pulled by a black labrador in harness
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Children’s Day in Zubony

As part of our puppy training program, Flash has been being raised for montsh in Zubony by a kind voluntary puppy training family. Everyone in the village knows the beautiful and smart dog. Thus, young and old alike welcomed Legó, the demonstrator dog, with great love and enthusiasm. With his help everyone could try…

In the picture a Labrador in black harness is leading a blindfolded boy. A man is holding the leash of the dog.
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Our Latest Team

Another team has started to prepare for the traffic safety exam: Zsolt Szokó came from Székesfehérvár to become acquainted with his new four-legged helper, Zorien.

In the picture there is a man walking with a yellow Labrador guide dog. The man is holding a white stick in the right hand and the handle of the harness in the other.
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