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Foreign Young People Met Hungarian Guide Dogs

Foreign and Hungarian young people visited us organized by the Lions Club of Miskolc. Firstly, everyone learnt the technique how they can help correctly visually impaired people correctly in the future. Then our experienced experts willingly told about their day-to-day life and guide dogs. Finally, the young people could try out how to get…

In the picture there is a blindfolded girl walking with a whit cane in a room around different obstacles.
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Another Successful Traffic Safety Exam

We could start July with a fantastic traffic safety exam. Szabolcs Kurucsai and his guide dog, Elvis, presented their skills in Szeged in front of a three-member examining board. On the basis of Szabolcs’s draw, the exam rout started from the home of Szablocs and Elvis and ended at Association for the Blind and…

In the picture there is a middle-aged man squatting and is just giving treats to his black Labrador in harness.
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Zsuzsa and Dzsini

Zsuzsanna Vincze has lost her guide dog, Rumi, in February. Besides providing essential support to her owner in traffic, Rumi also predicted Zsuzsa’s attacks of epilepsy. She gave the girl autonomy and freedom. Without Rumi, her life has become much more difficult. Finally, after months-long struggle, Zsuzsa felt ready to get to know another…

Zsuzsanna Vincze and Dzsini
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