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With guide dogs on Hármashatár Hill

The second guide-dog-hike of the year on Hármashatár Hill was spent in really high spirits with a lot more people attending than expected. Fortunately the weather was kind to the hikers so everyone could enjoy the warm spring sunshine all through the day. The morning of the second day of spring was all about the…

In the picture there is a hiking crew with dogs in the beautiful spring weather.
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„Go Out!”

„Go out!” –  this is the command our guide-dogs-in-training are given when they go outside to practice.  On their way out of the building they have to bypass obstacles that their trainers set up for them from time to time. Developing problem solving skills constitutes an essential part of the guide dogs’ training programme. Guide…

In the picture we can see Bodza, the yellow guide-dog-in-training  and Zoli, our experienced specialist practicing together for the exam in a room equipped with artificial obstacles.
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Visionary – A magazine without frontiers dedicated to guide dogs and assistance dogs

In the February edition of Visionary, the magazine of the International Guide Dog Federation (IGDF)  readers can learn about the human side of man’s best friend and  get an insight into a unique technology concept called 3D Soundscapes that can aid orientation, navigation and transport in cities and greatly enhance the quality of life…

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