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Guide Dogs On Animal Appreciation Day

On Friday we celebrated Animal Appreciation Day at the City Park in Miskolc. Many enthusiastic animal lovers joined us and wanted to see our guide dogs. Adults and children alike took turns and put on an eye-pad to experience what it is like to walk with the help of a guide dog.

 In the picture we can see a little girl wearing an eye-pad. She is guided by Bodza, the yellow labrador retriever. The trainer lady is walking on the other side of the dog.
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A new successful traffic safety exam

We could start this week with another successful traffic safety exam, which was a great pleasure for all of us. József Magyar and his guide dog Kenobi demonstrated their skills to a three-member examining board. The first part of the exam was the performance of obedience tasks, during which Kenobi skillfully and quietly staid…

In the picture there is man standing with a white cane in one hand and the harness of a black Labrador in the other.
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An outing to Hajógyári (Shipyard) Island

There was a fantastic atmosphere on this year’s third outing on Hajógyári Island, which was organized by our guide dog owner friends this time. Dóra Pozsgay, one of the organizers talks about the trip: “May 10, 2015 was again a day when we went on a trip with our guide dog owner friends. We planned only…

In the picture there are three Labradors playing with a stick.
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