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Interactive Practice with Fecske, the Guide Dog

August has been really exciting for Fecske, Nagy Zoltán’s guide dog: they have visited the Fay Camp of OTP Bank and Sziget Festival.

In the picture there is a visually impaired man standing with his guide dog, holding the leash of his dog with one hand and a white cane with the other. A person sitting on a bench in a firefighter’s helmet is also holding the white can.
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Zoltán and His Guide Dog Fecske Passed the Exam

Fecske, the charming Labrador, winded his way into Zoltán Nagy’s heart when they first met. Since then, over the months of a lot of common learning and practice, incredible consistency and trust has developed between them. This affectionate relationship and the lots of work played its parts: they perfectly accomplished the traffic safety exam…

In the picture there is a visually impaired man walking on the street with his guide dog, a black Labrador.
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A New Team: Krisztián and His Guide Dog, Nina

Krisztián traveled here to us to start to prepare for the traffic safety exam with his guide dog, Nina. The visually impaired man lost his sight 16 years ago as a result of an accident at his workplace. He had lots of eye surgery over the years. In the meantime, he learned to walk…

In the picture a man is walking on the sidewalk with his guide dog, a yellow Labrador.
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Guide Dogs in Camp Bregyó

Our small team was invited to the summer camp of Bregyó in Székesfehérvár. The children enthusiastically greeted us despite the heat. At the beginning of our program we discussed important issues such as whether a guide dog must be muzzled, or who decides when to cross a zebra crossing: the visually impaired owner or…

In the picture a black guide dog is leading a girl. The dog’s leash is held by her trainer .
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