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Guide Dogs in LEO Camp

LEO, the youth organization of the Hungarian LIONS Clubs, organized an international camp and exchange program with French, German and Hungarian young people. Under the program, we met twice with their team. First, they joined us in a cheerful excursion, where they got acquainted with our visually impaired friends and their guide dogs and…

The image is a tableau: in a field young people are standing in the back row, while others are squatting in the front row and there are also some Labradors lying.
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Alexa and her guide dog, Fahéj

Our new team, Alexa and Fahéj have just recently met one another. Alexa, who is from Dombovar, lives a very active life: she likes playing the violin, riding and running, she is like a true perpetual-motion machine. Fahéj, who grew up in a loving environment rich in experiences in her volunteer puppy raising family,…

In the picture there is a young girl standing at the top of the stairs with her yellow Labrador guide dog.
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Guide Dogs and Letcho

The fifth Letcho (Rataouille) and Roast Joint Festival has passed in very high spirits again in Miskolc similarly to last year. Despite the heat wave, numerous teams entered the cooking competition and many interested visitors joined the event. Although the letcho had the main role, a lot of people were interested in our program…

In the picture there is a black Labrador in harness leading a little boy whose hand is being held by his father. The trainer of the dog is walking beside the dog.
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