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Lions International Exchange Camp With Guide Dogs

A roup of foreign young people visited our Center, organised by the First Lions Club in Miskolc. The 28 members of the enthusiastic team learned some practical ways on how to help a visually impaired person to cross a zebra crossing, for example, or sit down on a chair. Then we talked about the…

In the picture some young men are waiting for their fellow to return with the guide dog.
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Everness Festival with Guide Dogs

On Friday, we sent to the Everness Festival in Balatonakarattya, where participants could choose from among a wide variety of colorful programs. It was a great pleasure for us that a lot of people were interested in guide dogs. Adults and children alike visited our tent and were very eager to participate in our…

In the picture a little girl is just about to start out with a guide dog, a black Labrador. The dog’s trainer is standing on the other side of the dog.
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Dog-friendly Beach in Fonyód – As We’ve Seen It

We test Hungary’s dog-friendly beaches in the summer to see if they are suitable for those arriving with a guide dog. The basic needs of guide dog owners are the same as that of other dog owners’, so our comments could be on interest to everyone planning a holiday at the beach. The first…

In the picture there are three yellow and a black Labrador swimming in Lake Balaton. The yellow Labrador swimming in the forefront has a tennis ball in the mouth.
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Why I Became a Puppy Raiser

Our puppy raiser program could not function without our dedicated and enthusiastic volunteers, who raise our puppies for a year according to our trainers’ professional instructions. Judit Losonczy, Hetti’s raiser, honestly writes about why she undertook this noble task and how her everyday life is spent with Hetti. “First come the usual phrases that I’ve…

In the picture there is a woman squatting and embracing a yellow Labrador sitting beside her.
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