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The Successful Exam of Zsuzsa and Frutti

Another successful exam! Zsuzsa Vincze and her guide dog Frutti passed all parts of the traffic safety exam with flying colors. The huge crowds, the crowded tram or the vacationers with trolley suitcases and puppies did not bother them. This is what Zsuzsa tells about how she prepared for the big day and what surprises…

In the picture a visually impaired young woman is walking on the sidewalk with her black guide dog.
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An Exciting Challenge

We went to Lake Balaton to take part in a family day, where the organizers prepared many interesting programs. There was even a mini adventure park next to our tent, which was very popular among the children. Our enthusiastic volunteer Dóra Pozsgay decided to try to go along the obstacle track. In the meantime,…

In the picture a young woman is going through a net course
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Lions International Exchange Camp With Guide Dogs

A roup of foreign young people visited our Center, organised by the First Lions Club in Miskolc. The 28 members of the enthusiastic team learned some practical ways on how to help a visually impaired person to cross a zebra crossing, for example, or sit down on a chair. Then we talked about the…

In the picture some young men are waiting for their fellow to return with the guide dog.
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Guide Dogs and Firefighter Competition

Our goodwill ambassador Tibor Dobson invited us to the National Junior Firefighter Competition. These are the experiences of our volunteer Zoltán Nagy: “Fecske, a black Labrador and his blind owner attended the traditional event not just as guests, but as active participants: both at the opening ceremony and at the announcement of the results they took…

In the picture a blindfolded man is fastening the firefighter helmet on his head. Another man is standing next to him and helps him.
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