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Four new guide dog candidates have started our puppy education training

Since last week the youngest candidates in our guide dog team Fülöp, Flash, Frutti and Fecske have been preparing to their mission at their volunteer puppy raisers. Information on their improvement and adventures will be shared on a regular basis.

On the pictured Fecske (Swallow) the black labrador puppy guide dog is happily running...
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Our next couple passed the exam successfully

On the 3rd December, a new guide dog team passed successfully the transportation security exam in Tatabánya. Following a 407-day long preparation and learning together Bea and her guide dog Cassie decided to take up the challenge. We would like to hereby congratulate them for their great performance, for the skilful execution of…

On the picture a lady (Bea) is coming down on the stairs in a tenement house, having the handle of the harness on the dark-brown Labrador  (Cassie) in her hand. There is a white cane in her other hand.
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Tolerance Day With Guide Dogs

Be more tolerant, be more open! This could be the motto of the Tolerance Day organized at the Herman Ottó Secondary School in Miskolc. Our Foundation, together with our guide dogs and the colleagues from the North-Hungary Visual Impairment Rehabilitation Centre took part in the event with our special, interactive sensitizing program.  

At the picture two girls are sitting, one of them is reaching for a piece in the sound identification game while the other is playing with the colourful shape matching game.
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