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Fiera’s puppies were born. Watch them live!

Fiera’s puppies were born. Watch them live! Click on  

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Our puppies have become 4 weeks old

Over the past 4 weeks, our Labrador puppies have grown tremendously. The deaf and blind babies who initially only ate and slept have now become active, playful puppies. They are playing a lot with each other and their mothers, are developing their skills, finding out more and…

negyhetesek fiera
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The first puppies of Baráthegyi School of Guide Dogs were finally born

It’s hard to explain how we feel when we hold them in our hands. On 19 th january the six yellow puppies, five males and one female, were born. We hope that with their help we can start our own breeding project and will be able to train them…

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Help from New York to Train Guiding Dogs in Hungary

Baráthegyi School of Guide Dogs has received an unexpected surprise from one of the most well-known schools of guide dogs, Guiding Eyes in New York. They offered a female Labrador with the best genetic background from their excellent pool of guide dogs. To improve the effect of the surprise, the intended mother of…

Fiera arrived at Baráthegyi School of Guide Dogs from the U.S.A at 2017 Christmas
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