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Guide Dogs on Messer Family Day

We were very pleased to attend the Family oday ofMesser Hungarogáz Kft. on September 9, 2017 with our dogs and colleagues. Google and Gordon, two black male Labradors bought from a breeder from Messer’s previous donation, also joined us; Google represented our Foundation with his visually impaired owner Andras Gál.

Andras Gal is interviewed by the host of the event
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We Are Looking for Four-legged Heroes

Everyday heroes live among us. If we look around better, we may see that they “get lost” at our feet or in the yard. Barathegyi Guide Dog School is looking for them now with Heroes are needed; guardian angels who have a mission in the world; who develop their potential with serious training and…

Four-legged heroes
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Lions Youth Camp with Guide Dogs

Young people from abroad have visited our center, organized by the Lions Club. First, after a becoming acquainted with each other, the enthusiastic team could interactively try out how they could help a visually impaired person in different situations, then we discussed and showed them how to…

In this picture students are sitting in a circle in the middle of which there is a couple: one of them is a blindfolded student, and the other is one of our colleaguesshowing how to provide expert assistance
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Together they overcome every obstacle

This week we kept our fingers crossed for another team. Fatime Nyikes and her guide dog Leia had just completed the biggest challenge of their common life in the capital, the traffic safety exam.

In this picture Fatime Nyikes and her guide dog,Leia are at a crossroads at the edge of a sidewalk. Leia is sitting next to Fatima’s leg.
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