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Paws and High Heels

Some young people showed how to look elegant with their guide dogs. Paws and High Heels (Tappancs és Tűsarok) held on December 3 was the first fashion show with guide dogs in Hungary. „ Partner, girl, friend, powerlifter, owner of a dog and ultimately blind. It’s always the last one, because the others are more…

The image is a tableau showing the models, volunteers and guide dogs participating in the fashion show.
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Waiting for Christmas with Guide Dogs

Amidst weekend’s shopping and searching for Christmas gifts a lot of people were interested in our small team in Auchan, Budaörs. Gandhi, Lego and Gyömbér took turns to show those interested what it feels when a guide dog watches over their steps if they cannot rely on their eyesight. The three dog enchanted everyone…

In the picture Lego, a black Labrador, is guiding a boy, while her trainer is holding her leash.
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Dóra and Fidzsi at the Fashion Show

Dóra Sápi walked on the catwalk of Tappancs és Tűsarok (Paws and High Heels) fashion show with her guide dog Fidzsi and her sister Réka. This is what Dóra says about her not everyday experience: “When early summer Barathegyi called me to ask if I participated in a fashion show as a model, I was…

In the picture Dóra is walking on the red carpet hooking on her sister and holding the leash of her yellow guide dog
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Diva Adventure

Dóri Pozsgay took part in our Tappancs és Tűsarok (Paws and High Heels) fashion show with guide dogs with her guide dog Ében and companion Brigi. She shared her experiences and emotions with us: ‘I have never thought that once I could walk down the red carpet in a dress suiting my style. But this…

In the picture Dóri is sitting on a chair and Ében, a black Labrador, is lying in front of her in harness.
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