Support the Baráthegyi Guide Dog School with 1% of your income tax! VAT number : 18449149-1-05
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With Books for Guide Dogs

If in October you order a book from, you can contribute to the training of guide dogs. In October, webshop supports our foundation with 1% of their turnover, contributing to our dog room created in our new breeding and training centre.

In the picture a guide dog is lying on the carpet. There is a book in front of her. There is A labradoron szemüveg is van.
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Guide Dogs on World Animal Day

The week of World Animal Day was a thrilling experience at our foundation. We held programs aimed to combat exclusionary attitudes for children and adults alike in three nursery schools in Miskolc, a school in Alsózsolca, and in Budapest Zoo and Botanical Garden within the framework of “Love of Animals Festival”. Our dogs, Lego,…

In the picture two girls are holding the harness and another the leash of Lego, a black Labradorwhile they are walking. Our trainer colleague is walking beside them.
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Our New Team: Noemi and her Guide Dog Gerbeaud

Noemi arrived from Budapest to get to know her prospective guide dog, Gerbeaud. Noemi has been visually impaired since an early age. As a child, she attended the Elementary School for the Blind, where she learnt to walk with a white cane. Relying on the cane and her low vision, she travelled independently for…

In the picture, Gerbeaud, a yellow Labrador, is sitting in front of Noemi, who is squatting and holding the dog’s leash.
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An Extraordinary Sports Day with Guide Dogs

We took part in the Sports Day of Nemzeti Útdíjfizetési Szolgáltató Zrt. (National Toll Payment Service Provider), where the company’s staff could collect points in teams by solving different tasks. One challenge was at the tent of our foundation. After trying out with the help of Brendon, Diamond and Lego what it is like…

In the picture a man is trying out what it is like walking blindfolded led by a black Labrador guide dog. In another part of the picture people are sitting under a tent and playing different games.
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