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Future Guide Dogs were Taken to Visit to the Primary School of Blind Children

On White Cane Safety Day future guide dogs, Labrador puppies were taken to the students in the Primary School of Blind Children. For the blind and visually impaired children it was a great experience to have the puppies of Baráthegyi Guide Dog School next to them, and to pat and stroke the animals. They…

Ikon is giving a peck to a visually impaired student hugging him around his neck.
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This is How Lab Puppies Practiced to Become Guide Dogs

Ice, Ion, Indigó, Igor, Ikon, Inga, Indus, Ipoly are Iron, the nine Labrador puppies practiced today in Campona shopping mall in Budapest. The dogs of 4-8 months of age a nd their raisers meet at least once a month with the trainers of Baráthegyi Guide Dog School, when the trainers assess the development of…

Ikon is sitting at the feet of his raiser looking up at her wisely
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Marti and Gandhi Passed the Exam

On 28 September 2017 Márti and Gandhi passed their traffic safety exam. Kiss Márti and her guide dog Gandhi took the exam in the busy parts of Budapest. The many people, the great noise and even a foreign dog who wanted to make friends with Gandhi couldn’t disturb his calmness. ‘When the foreign dog was approaching…

Marti is squatting in the street embracing Ghandi who is sitting beside her
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Andras and Google passed their Exam

On 15 September 2017 András and Google passed their traffic safety exam in Miskolc. András could hardly wait for the day to prove before the Board of Examiners that he and his guide dog Google could go anywhere together. The first part of the exam was to summon Google after unleashing him in an…

Andras is embracing his dog, Google
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