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Guide Dogs in a Kindergarten

We visited the small children in Daycare Kindergarten in Felsőzsolca. The kids warmly welcomed us. Lego, Fanni, Flash and Google had a huge success. They were patted and pampered a lot. Kindergarten teacher Andrea Nagy recalls: When the parents arrived for the children, they did not have to ask what had happened that day – the…

In the picture a black Labrador in harness is lying surrounded by children who caress him.
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Milan and His Guide Dog, Nelson

One day after a short nap right after lunch in the kindergarten. Milan has woke up to realize that he sees only blurry spots. After a long hospitalization, he began his studies at the Primary School for the Partially Sighted. Although Milan had been walking and travelling in the busy streets of Budapest with…

In this picture Milan and his dog, Nelson are sitting in a room, next to each other, on the floor. Milan is smiling and gently embracing Nelson, who is a Labrador look alike doggy.
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Baráthegyi Ambassador Program

We have launched ’Baráthegyi Ambassador Program, in which public and famous figures share what they think about visually impaired people. BRAINS band was the first to join the program. The band members participated in our program aimed to combat exclusionary attitured within the framework of a cheerful video shooting. Then they were talking to their…

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