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Antonia and Her Guide Dog, Felhő

Let me introduce you our new team: Antónia and her guide dog, Felhő. Ani has been visually impaired since birth and has always used a white cane. As she told us, she has been apprehensive of dogs since she was a little girl and couldn’t imagine ever leaning on one. It was unbelievable for…

In the picture Ani is sitting on the ground while Felhő, a black Labrador is lying beside her. Antonia is stroking Felhő’s face.
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Guide Dogs in a School in Szeged

Janos Wesley Nursery , Elementary and Secondary School in Szeged held shortened classes on November 24 because we visited them in the afternoon with three very smart dogs of ours: Gesztenye, Brendon and Trafi. We held a program aimed to combat exclusionary attituted for the very reason that Alexa Ábrahám and Gamma go to…

In the picture Gesztenye, a yellow Labrador is guiding a little boy. His leash is held by our colleague.
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When the Smallest Meet

As part of our puppy-raiser program we regularly have meetings for our pups, where they have a lot of new experiences and their raisers also get a lot of useful advice.

In the picture there are two yellow Labrador puppies sitting in guide dog harness.
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Uncle Misi and his Guide Dog, Bodza, Passed the Exam

Mihaly Urban and his guide dog called Bodza have passed the traffic safety exam. Bodzs is Uncle Misi’s third guide dog, so he began to learn with his new four-legged friend routinely. They managed to prepare for the big test in four months with the help of our rehabilitation teacher colleague. Although the team…

In the picture Bodza, a yellow Labrador, is guiding her owner, Uncle Misi
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