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We Met Future Puppy Raisers

We closed the week with an extraordinary meeting: future puppy raisers visited the center of our foundation to get to know each other in person and talk about the puppy raising program.

5 puppies (3 chocolate and 2 black) are just suckling milk.
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1956 Commemoration also for the Visually Impaired

Now sighted and visually people could commemorate together at the 1956 walking tour called “Tapintható Múlt” (Tangible History). Ateam of Baráthegyi Guide Dog School also participated in Tangible History walking tour on Wednesday, which was one of a series of  events organized by ImagineBudapest for visually impaired poeple.

In the picture people are standing in a circle. Everyone is listening to a lady in the middle holding a Hungarian flag with a hole. The guide dogs are lyinf around their visually impaired owners.]
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A Really Cool Team: Kristóf and His Guide Dog, Brendon

Kristóf’s eyesight had been deteriorating since childhood and by the age of 15 he became completely blind. Although he learnt to walk with a white cane, he was accompanied by his friends both in high school and at the university: they had classes together and spent most of their free time together, so Kristóf…

: In the picture Kristóf goes down the stairs and his guide dog, Brendon, a black Labrador is leading him.
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Guide Dog Owners and Wolves

Guide dog owners went to meet wolves to better understand their dogs. Interesting how strong, hard and determined the wolves’ energy is compared to that of Labradors. Bartáthegyi Guide Dog School’s partner was the Bear Farm in Veresegyház which provided five visually impaired young people an opportunity to go to wolves and make contacts…

In the picture a wolf is smelling Deboras’s chin. Debora is caressing the wolf’s chest.
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