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Appointing a Student Headmaster with Guide Dogs

We are always warmly welcomed by the students of Fráter György Catholic High School. It was not the first time that we took part in the election of a student headmaster in the school in Miskolc. The students could take part in various funny programs and we were happy to see that many were interested…

In the picture a girl already blindfolded is holding the harness of Bóbita, a black Labrador. Bóbita is sitting next to the girl.
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Our New Team: Erzsi and her Guide Dog, Gesztenye

Erzsi’s first guide dog was a beautiful black Labrador, Mira, who was her loyal friend for 11 years. Erzsi took the loss of Mira very hard; in her deep mourning she did not even want to think of another dog, but without a guide dog she felt lost and uncertain.  Then after half a…

In the picture Erzsi is kneeling in the snow cuddling Gesztenye, a yellow Labrador, who is sitting beside her in harness
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Two Fantastic Exams at the End of 2016

Alexa Abraham and her smart guide dog, Gamma, passed the safety exam in Szeged, Noemi Kiraly and her charming guide dog, Gerbeaud, in Budapest. Alexa proved in the exam that she can skillfully direct Gamma even in the crowd in Szeged. The team showed to a three-member examining board that they can confidently…

In the picture Alexa is lying on her stomach in the grass. Gamma, a yellow Labrador is lying next to her. Alexa is embracing Gamma.
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Paws and High Heels

Some young people showed how to look elegant with their guide dogs. Paws and High Heels (Tappancs és Tűsarok) held on December 3 was the first fashion show with guide dogs in Hungary. „ Partner, girl, friend, powerlifter, owner of a dog and ultimately blind. It’s always the last one, because the others are more…

The image is a tableau showing the models, volunteers and guide dogs participating in the fashion show.
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