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Dóri and Fidzsi’s successful exam

We can rejoice at another successful traffic safety exam! Dóri and her guide dog Fidzsi demonstrated in Százhalombatta to the examiners that they were able to travel safely and independently together. They were supposed to go from their home to Dóri’s former secondary school. Although they did not get on any vehicle during…

In the picture there is a young girl standing in front of a closed white door. She is holding the leash of her guide dog, a yellow Labrador, who is sitting.
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Zoltán and Fanni Passed the Exam

This week started well. Zoltan and his guide dog, Fanni has been preparing for this day since December. The team proved to a three-member examining board that they are capable of travelling on their own. To obtain this certification, they had to take a 45-minute exam route that led through downtown Miskolc. They solved…

In the picture there is a visually impaired man squatting. His guide dog, a black Labrador is sitting beside him giving her owner a kiss on the face.
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Guide Dogs in a Kindergarten

We spent a lovely morning with the kids of groups called Morzsi and Tulipán in Százszorszép Kindergarten. The kids greeted us with great affection and interest. Diamond, our demonstrator dog was a great success, when he sat and liad down at the children’s request, then the bravest could even try out what it is…

There is a group of children in the picture. A black Labrador i harness is standing in front of them watching a little girl in fron of him. Beside the Labrador there is a lady holding the dog’s leash.
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Another Successful Exam

On Wednesday we could take part in the first traffic safety exam in Zala County, Nagykanizsa, thanks to Zoltánné Baranyai and her guide dog, Szilaj. They started the exam after several months of practice.

In the picture there is a Labrador guide dog lying on the grass in harness. Beside him there is his owner kneeling and stroking the dog’s head with one hand.
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