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Andras and Google passed their Exam

On 15 September 2017 András and Google passed their traffic safety exam in Miskolc. András could hardly wait for the day to prove before the Board of Examiners that he and his guide dog Google could go anywhere together. The first part of the exam was to summon Google after unleashing him in an fopen area where other dogs were also present that made the task more complicated. However, Google ran to his beloved owner after the first call then he also performed the obedience tasks to the best of his ability. The route drawn by András started from their accommodation. They set off confidently among the houses and for Google not even the oncoming pedestrians caused any trouble which sometimes caused difficult circumstances for him. Once there was only a narrow passageway left on the sidewalk because of a rolling suitcase , but András could smoothly walk through even there. After Google indicated the edge of the road, they crossed the pedestrian crossing, found the tram stop and got on the vehicle. Getting off the tram they arrived at one of the most crowded crossing where they headed for the bus stop on the shortest way despite the massive crowd. While waiting in the bus stop, a wasp began to fly around Google, but András handled the situation skillfully by motioning his clever guide dog to stay calm. Another unexpected situation emerged after the wasp incident as a pavement machine was moving loudly behind them and then it stopped. Having made sure the machine wasn’t moving towards them and that they were safe they walked on and took the bus just arriving. Getting off the bus they also had to cross a light controlled crossing and go ahead to the stairway between the houses. Google signalled the steps up and down, helped András to keep straight and could be counted on in everything, thus their arrival at the foundation and their whole trip took place in complete harmony.

Andras is embracing his dog, Google

Andras is embracing his dog, Google

Finishing the exam, András was very touched and incredibly happy that according to the Board of Examiners they closed the day with a successful exam.

Our heartiest congratulations to Google and András on their performance and we wish them to discover many new places together!

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