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Application form

Az alábbi űrlap segítségével tudja vakvezető kutya igényét a Baráthegyi Vakvezető és Segítő Kutya Iskola Alapítvány számára benyújtani. Amennyiben egy héten belül munkatársaink nem veszik fel önnel a kapcsolatot, kérjük, hívja a 0646/311-236 telefonszámot.

Basic data
Data on educational attainment, occupation
(Exact name for professional, college or university in the case of trade name of)
Currently are you working?
Disability and health status data
Are you taking any medication on a regular basis?
Do you need regular hospital treatment?
Do you smoke?
Do you drink alcohol?
Do you currently some sport, or previously something?
Questions about your orientation, abilities and skills for transport issues
Did you learned to moving somewhere in an organized manner?(for example: VERCS, Aspect Foundation, White Cane Foundation)
Do you use a white stick?
Do you move alone at any known places ?
Can you also move at unknown places without a guide, based on travel description?
The speed at which you likes to walk?
Do you have some complicating disorders your orientation(eg, frequent dizziness, tinnitus, etc.).
Questions on knowledge and experience with dogs
Did you have earlier a guide dog?
Did you or, do you have any other (eg watchdog) dog?
Future issues of guide dog placement, the use of related
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