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Archive for January 2015

Being at Sensitizing Activity as Volunteer

Dora took part in our school’s Sensitizing Activity at first time in these days. She wrote about her first occasion: „We arrived at Baráthegyi Guide Dog School as beginner volunteers. Here we learnt about the types and degrees of vision problems from a presentation. In situation practice we tried the assistance in traffic and orientation. […]

Together the guide dog trainers

Our trainers held their first professional day this year in Miskolc, on 20th January. The experts, working on different points around the country, usually meet once in a month in our school in order to discuss current professional questions. Getting acquitted and its key-issues were such a question this time, which means the first period […]

Sighted Volunteers With Guide Dogs

Some of our volunteers visited our first sensitizing program of the year to learn about the everyday life of visually impaired people. This exciting meeting provided our sighted participants with new viewpoints on how we they can help their visually impaired fellow human beings, for example during a street crossing. For more details please click […]

Elvis and Mézes started their journey of a lifetime

In our school, two of our new pairs have started to prepare for living together at the beginning of January. The two guide dogs spent the first week with their new owners. They got to know each other during this time and tried to solve everyday situations. So far, they have learnt only the basics, […]


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