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Archive for September 2015

Guide Dogs on UPC’s Family Day

This weekend we attended UPC’s Family Day in Budapest, where, in spite of the pouring rain, we had a really great time. Our location was in the central marquee, next to the stage. Many people came to participate in our programs. From among our dogs Fidzsi, Tesla, Dió, Delta and Lego helped the brave participants […]

Sessions Aimed to Combat Exclusionary Attitudes with Guide Dogs

This week we visited the pupils of Primary School of Fóti út. The children welcomed us very kindly and enthusiastically. They sat around our trainer colleague and her puppy-in-training, Fiji, and they were listening carefully what one needs to know about guide dogs and how to help the visually impaired. Then they gave better and […]

Two More Successful Traffic Safety Exams

It crowns several months’ effort, when our guide dogs finally pass a traffic safety exam with their owners. On 21st September, we could celebrate two successful exams: Ferenc Bobcsák passed the exam with Mézes in Görömböly, and József Farkas with Opál in Szirmabesenyő on the same day. The exam of Mézes contained as many hardships […]

Guide Dogs in Eger

We believe that if it comes to equal opportunities, we’ve got to be part of it. That is why we are happy that on Sunday we participated in the family day combined with a Paralympic event, the National Paralympic Day in Eger. While various programmes were going on on the stage, such as children’s shows, […]


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