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Archive for October 2015

Another Successful Exam in October

Each guide dog exam is special in a different way. We will also long remember the exam of Barna Kiss and Locum on October 27, this time mainly due to the excellent performance of the dog member of the team. Their exam route started from the platform of a train station and it brought dramatic […]

Guide Dogs in Sajógalgóc

At the weekend we visited Sajógalgóc, a beautiful village in Borsod County. The young and old of the village alike were keen on visiting the wide range of programs on the Equal Opportunity Day held in the Community House of the village. The visitors were very kind and open, almost everyone had some questions about […]

Another Successful Traffic Safety Exam

Last week we kept our fingers crossed for another team: Csaba Tanai and his guide dog Bonca had their traffic safety exam on Friday in Budapest. The fascinating chocolate brown Labrador guided her owner with her usual routine in one of the capital’s busiest district. In the lively bustle of the big city they just […]


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