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Archive for February 2016

Zsolt and Ebu’s Successfully Passed the Exam

Another dream came true. Zsolt and his guide dog Ebu passed the traffic safety exam in Székesfehérvár. On the big day they were both very excited, but they did very well. Zsolt pulled the second route: they had to get to work from home safely and independently. First, they headed for the bus stop to […]

Guide Dogs at FeHoVa

A lot of people were interested in the work of guide dogs on the last day of FeHoVa (Fishing, Hunting and Arms International Exhibition). Visitors came continuously to learn about guide dogs and the everyday life of visually impaired people. Felhő, Fülöp and Delta have been a great assistance to every interested and brave visitor […]

Guide Dogs in a Kindergarten

We visited the small children in Daycare Kindergarten in Felsőzsolca. The kids warmly welcomed us. Lego, Fanni, Flash and Google had a huge success. They were patted and pampered a lot. Kindergarten teacher Andrea Nagy recalls: When the parents arrived for the children, they did not have to ask what had happened that day – […]


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