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Archive for May 2016

Uniting for Guide Dogs

The charity program of frozen yogurt shop Jono Yogo called „Eat for the guide dogs” has been finished. Within the framework of the program Jono Yogo frozen yogurt also helped in the training of guide dogs by donating us 5 HUF on each portion of ice cream purchased between 15 April and 22 May. We […]

We Could Learn from the Greatest

Every two years the International Guide Dog Federation (IGDF) organizes a conference summerizing the latest professional and scientific results. 300 professionals of more than 60 guide dog schools from the 5 continents shared their knowledge and experience with each other. We could take part in this large-scale professional event for the first time, where we […]

An Excursion in Miskolc

We had an enjoyable time on our anniversary excursion in Miskolc. We were happy that many of our friends, their guide dogs and volunteers joined us to explore the Bükk Mountains together. Our volunteers and visually impaired friends divided into pairs and we walked to our destination, Kecskelyuk (Goat Hole) cave chatting and laufhing. The […]

Máté and Fülöp Passed Their Exam

Máté and his guide dog, Fülöp have successfully passed the traffic safety exam in Dunaújváros. Fülöp, the one and a half year old Labrador, who has been watching over Máté’s steps since March, navigated his owner on the route pulled at the exam with his usual professionalism. Even the pouring raind could not set the […]


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