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Archive for June 2016

Why I Became a Puppy Raiser

Our puppy raiser program could not function without our dedicated and enthusiastic volunteers, who raise our puppies for a year according to our trainers’ professional instructions. Judit Losonczy, Hetti’s raiser, honestly writes about why she undertook this noble task and how her everyday life is spent with Hetti. “First come the usual phrases that I’ve […]

Family Day with Guide Dogs

At the end of last week we took part on the Family Day of BPO AUDIT TAX, which was held in the City Park in Budapest. The Company’s employees tried out eagerly what it feels like walking blindfolded with the help of a guide dog, tested themselves in our scent identification game and got acquainted […]

Guide Dogs on NEXON’s Family Day

We participated in NEXON’s Family Day in Domonyvölgy. We received a very kind and warm welcome from the staff. From the youngest to the oldest, many people visited our tent to test themselves: they tried out what it feels like walking blindfolded with the help of a guide dog, this time with Diamond and Lego, […]

Guide Dogs in Szirmabesenyő

Diamond and Fanni had a great success in Szirmabesenyő. We had the pleasure of visiting this large village in Borsod County twice: first, we went to Napsugár Nursery School and next time we participated in the June Festival. We received a warm welcomed both times. Many tried to walk blindfolded with the help of Diamond, […]


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