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Archive for September 2016

An Extraordinary Sports Day with Guide Dogs

We took part in the Sports Day of Nemzeti Útdíjfizetési Szolgáltató Zrt. (National Toll Payment Service Provider), where the company’s staff could collect points in teams by solving different tasks. One challenge was at the tent of our foundation. After trying out with the help of Brendon, Diamond and Lego what it is like to […]

Brendon and Bonca in Vác

Our small team visited the Agricultural Vocational School in Vác. The students listened attentively to our mini presentation of guide dogs. Several of them tried out with Brendon, a guide dog-in-training, what if a dog watches over their steps. Many fell under the spell of the experience and said that it was scary but also […]

A New Team, Alexa and Gamma

Alexa came to us from Szeged to start preparing for the traffic safety exam with her guide dog, Gamma. Alexa has been blind since birth. She went to the Elementary School for the Blind. Now she goes to high school in Szeged with sighted students. After finishing high school, she would like to study communication, […]


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