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Archive for April 2017

Does Green Light Produce an Audible Signal Where You Live?

Dangerous intersections in Budapest and several rural cities More traffic lights would be needed that warn visually impaired people in busy intersections with an audible signal, because without it they don’t feel safe. There are places where they step off the sidewalk in fear of their lives. It turned out form a survey of Baráthegyi […]

Erzsi and Gesztenye Passed the Exam

Erzsi and her guide dog, Gesztenye, passed the exam in magnificent harmony in Győr. Out of the three routes learnt, Erzsi managed to pull out the most complicated one, which did not disrupt the team at all. The big challenge began at the home of Erzsi and Gesztenye. At first, the well-trained dog had to […]

We Met Future Puppy Raisers

We closed the week with an extraordinary meeting: future puppy raisers visited the center of our foundation to get to know each other in person and talk about the puppy raising program. We were talking about the criteria for guide dogs, the habits the volunteer puppy raisers need to develop in the puppies and how […]


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