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Archive for May 2017

It’s Springtime, Let’s Make a Trip!

On the 27th of May we went on a trip to Szipyard Island. Friends with their guide dogs, acquaintances and families, current and previous puppy raisers, adopters and also those who were interested also joined us. In addition to a lot of running around outdoors, carrying stocks, wrestling and playing with the ball a 1.5-hour […]

Guide Dogs in Tornanádaska

We visited the youth of the Special Residential Home of the Child Care Center of County B-A-Z in Tornanadaska. They welcomed us with great love and enthusiasm; they all came to our small team upon our arrival. After talking a bit about guide dogs, everyone could try out what it feels like walking with these […]

Ani and her Guide Dog, Felhő Passed the Exam

For Ani and her loyal four-legged friend, Felhő, the long-awaited day came in May: the day of their traffic safety exam. The team had been practicing for the exam for months with the help of rehabilitation teacher Gyöngyvér Mikola,  and Felhő’s trainer, Mária Nyíriné Kovács. On the exam Ani pulled the route from her workplace […]

Guide Dogs on Humanities Day

We participated in the Humanities Day at ELTE and met many interesting people. Many students were interested in guide dogs and several people even tried how it feels to walk with the help of such a gorgeous animal blindfolded. Three of our guide dogs in training, Gandhi, Dolli and Bagira helped them in this. Some […]


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