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Archive for June 2017

Equal Opportunity Day with Guide Dogs

We had a wonderful day at the Equal Opportunity Day organized in Székesfehérvár! Many people were interested in our little team. Ropi, Dolly and Gandhi – the three retriever dogs–in-training were happy to show what it feels like when a visually impaired person rely on  the watchful footsteps of a guide dog. The event  was […]

Children’s Favorites: Bóbita, Dió and Fanni

Family event “Every Day Children’s Day” was fantastic in Miskolc, where we were also invited. By the end of the program, our dogs built a real fan base. Demonstrator dogs Dió and Bóbita showed enthusiastically to those interested what it is like to walk with a guide dog. In return, the children overwhelmed the dogs […]

Of Course They Enchanted a Whole Class

Milan has solved his first program aimed to combat exclusionary attitudes smoothly: Very good news is, I held the first program aimed to combat exclusionary attitudes with Nelson in an elementary school in Ajka. One afternoon we walked straight from work to this school. The teacher, with whom I had fixed the program, was waiting […]

Someone Whose Dream Job is Working With Guide Dogs

Szilveszter Mádli chose Baráthegyi Guide Dog School, as his dream is to train guide dogs, so on a day called „WORK for you, DREAM for me” he switched role with the school’s trainers. The dream day of people living with disabilities started on the 30th of May. Szilveszter makes ceramics and when coming to Baráthegyi Guide […]


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