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Archive for November 2018

Dog Attacks on Guide Dogs: The Personal and Financial Cost

A new report finds there are 11 dog attacks on guide dogs every month in the UK, on average. Guide dogs provide essential assistance to people who are blind or partially sighted. When other dogs attack guide dogs, the consequences can be severe. The charity Guide Dogs has been keeping records of these attacks, and a new […]

When the trainer’s eyes are covered

The biggest evidence that the guide dog really learnt the lessons when he leads his covered-eye trainer. With this exercise we made sure that the dog is capable to pay attention to a person, to assist her, he learns self-confidence and patience, and acquires high level of self-determination. After approx. 20 hours spent with practice […]

We visited the Guide Dogs breeding center in Birmingham and the Training School of Leamington

From the 6th to the 9th of November in 2018 we had the opportunity to visit the Guide Dogs breeding center in Birmingham such as the Training School of Leamington, thanks to our IGDF membership. The Baráthegyi Guide Dog School has started their breeding program this year. In addition to this, we found it very […]

Congratulations to the winners of the Pumpkin-Carving Competition

This year the deadline for the competitors to give in their pumpkin-creations was midnight, 31st October. We are proud to say that many of you became inspired by our calling. Really, a wickedly great number of you! The task was not less than making real (pumpkin) statues representing your best-loved pets, or, like last year, […]


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