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Archive for March 2019

70 children became acquainted with us and our guide dogs

We had a good time at Számítástechnikai Általános Iskola (Primary School of Computing) at Gyöngyösi Promenade. in Budapest. We told 70 children what and how they can help if they meet visually impaired people in the street and what important rules to be kept in case of contact with a working dog and its owner. […]

Our fourth puppy with a name starting with an M: Menta

3 of Iris’s puppies has been already introduced to you, now comes a yellow little girl. As her sisters and brothers, Menta is also very playful and her favourite hobby is eating. Menta is a beautiful yellow girl, who is described as a “dead well” by her carer, Katalin. Menta is the puppy who examines […]

Andy shows you the station but doesn’t read the timetable

Zsolt Majzik lost his sight at the age of fourteen, now he is in the middle of his twenties. At first he was moving with white stick until he decided to contact the Baráthegyi Guide Dog School for some help. In the second episode of our vlog series named “A journey with my dog” Zsolt […]

Our guide dogs were introduced to 100 children

We organized a large-scale program at Arany János Primary School in Százhalombatta. The owner of Fiji, Dóri studied here so they also joined us with many others. The future guide dogs were lined up like the organ-pipes, starting with the smallest and including the ebony black Arthur, Kappa, Ion, the yellow Ikon and the experienced […]


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