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Archive for April 2019

It is never too early to start learning

You can watch in our short video how our puppies start their training with their puppy raisers, and at the end of this training they will become guide dogs and companions for visually impaired persons. Each task started at the puppy age will play a major role during the training. Share with your friends Back […]

This happy puppy will be a guide dog

We cannot show cuter than this puppy labrador playing with balls. If you want to watch only one cute video today, choose this! At such a young age everything is exciting what is colorful, rolling or bouncing like these colorful balls. Share with your friends Back to previous page Back to main page

We tried out “puller”

It is very important that our future guide dogs move enough each day. The puller is a great equipment for this. In April we organized a puller workshop at the newest center of the Baráthegyi Guide Dog School. Lots of educators, disabled owners and colleagues participated in this programme.  But what a puller is?The puller […]

Mítosz and his siblings will be guide dogs

Our puppy educators and trainers are working hard on making Mítosz and his brothers to be guide dogs. Our trainer, Lajos Cserven calls your attention to the fact in a short video. You can send  1% of your personal income tax to help charity works and communities until the 20th of May by post or […]


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