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Archive for July 2019

3 of our pairs passed successfully their exams

3 road safety exams were passed by our pairs within 1 month. Congratulations to Lilla and Inga, Ágnes and Ion, Tibor and Szamos. Thanks to our puppy educators and trainers and their cooperation for these great results! Lilla and Inga Lilla and Inga are a great pair, they proved this working together in the unexpected […]

Grafit loves learning new things

Grafit came from a Slovakian kennel as a puppy, then he learned the basics of appropriate behaviour under the guidance of one of our devoted volunteers, István Bűdi. At the age of one, he started learning the guiding techniques with tremendous energy. He does everything with unfailing enthusiasm; he loves training and he practices tirelessly […]

Tibor and Szamos passed their exam successfully

Palásti Tibor and Szamos passed their road safety exam successfully. The pair was prepared to the contest by our trainer, Darinka Farkas. Darinka says that she is very proud of them and that they have shaken together so soon, as they proved it during the exam. Palásti Tibor and Szamos have been attuned to each […]

Dolly is a hard-working student

Dolly, the black Labrador arrived at our foundation thanks to the donation of a family from Miskolc. Since then, she has been working very hard alongside her trainer, Mária Nyírné Kovács to become a guide dog. “Dolly has a big heart. Her owner means the world to her, she wouldn’t leave their side and together […]


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