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Archive for November 2019

Doing their best even in the worst situation – Írisz and Dolly successfully passed their tests

One of our guide dogs and her master proved their skills again. Írisz Kobli and her guide dog Dolly passed a road safety test to prove they are able to travel together without assistance. Congratulations for the two of them! Each master-dog pair need to familiarise themselves with three potential routes while preparing for the […]

Artúr and the Others: What Did They Learn?

Our November Puppy Meeting starred Nátán, a 10-week old who paraded like a Teddy bear among the more experienced trainee guide dogs, already a keen learner at such a tender age, always listening to his pup trainer. Having celebrated their birthday, Alma, Alfréd and Artúr showed what they had learnt at a mini-exam. All three […]


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