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Archive for January 2020

Let the guide dogs in too

Over the past year, several cases have been reported in the press about visually impaired people with a guide dog being prevented from moving freely. In a totally unlawful way. We have just learned about the latest case, so we are turning to the public. In two cases, the companies concerned had to pay fines of hundreds of thousands following the actions of the Consumer Protection and Equal Treatment Authority. The Baráthegyi Guide Dog School conducts awareness-raising activities to reduce the risk of degrading people. More and more people know that guide dogs have the right to go wherever sighted people are. Not just public institutions, but shops and even restaurants, but there is no doubt that we still have a […]

Let the guide dogs in too

Over the past year, several cases have been reported in the press about visually impaired people with a guide dog being prevented from moving freely. In a totally unlawful way. We have just learned about the latest case, so we are turning to the public. In two cases, the companies concerned had to pay fines […]

The O-litter introduces themselfes

Orkán, Olivér, Óda and their siblings have left their mothers’ house and moved to puppy trainers. They will all learn the basics that will be important in their education with super families. In this article you will be introduced to the beautiful yellow Labradors. Olivér is a very brave guy, so luckily he wasn’t scared […]


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