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Archive for October 2020

Our guidedogs went to and outdoors foodcourt

This October at our puppy meeting, we organized a slightly different program for our growing dogs and their owners and visited an outdoor foodcourt on the banks of the Danube. Would you really believe it if we told you that the labradors left with empty stomachs? Once again, the puppy meeting started with a big […]

Two black labradors recieved an A+ in their exam

Due to the quarantine, our two pairs of partners had to wait a long time to be able to take their road safety exam. Daniel Pál and Coffee celebrated by eating steak in the evening, and Genius received a high five from his master, Daniel Sziva for guiding him in his training. A diva does […]

Everything, including love, petting and reward treats have been duplicated since Mese arrived

Mese took the place of Szilaj as if she has been living with Marika forever. Marika couldn’t imagine how to love two dogs in the same way but the life sold this problem. Marika and Mese took the road safety exam successfully in Nagykanizsa. 51-year-old Zoltánné Baranyai and Mese took the road safety exam successfully […]

October is the month of vision – A guide dog means a better and easier life

October is Vision Month, October 8 is World Vision Day, so we gathered the thoughts of some of our visually impaired friends about how their guide dog changed their lives. The dogs of the Baráthegyi Guide Dog School help their owners to travel independently and feel safe and give them a lot of joy, so […]


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