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Teleworking- Also in Guide Dog Training

Due to the coronavirus outbreak, our guide dog school Baráthegyi Vakvezető Kutya Iskola was also forced to re-organise its activities and ask its trainers to work from home. During the epidemic, we recommend dog owners to wipe the paws and coat of their dogs when arriving home using sanitizing wipes or a soapy, wet…

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Our Bóbita dog shows you how to name your puppies in style

Choosing the right dog name is always a difficult decision. How can we do this in a creative and unique way? At the Baráthegyi Guide Dog School, we decide on a lottery. So that’s not what we human are… Our community followers are asked to send as many names as possible…

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Dia and Bagira successfully pass their traffic safety exam

After months of practice Dia Danis and her guide dog Bagira successfully passed their traffic safety exam on 9th March 2020. They are a living proof that two hearts can beat as one – even if one those hearts belongs to a dog!

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His guide dog is waiting at home while Misi is dragon boating

Being a visually impaired person and sitting in a canoe, while performing similar results as unblinded people, seems to be unbelievable at first hearing , but it is not that. Mihály Dombai is a perfect example for this, as he has been delivering well in a dragon boat for years. He does not only…

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