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In our days, despite today’s technological innovations seeing eye dogs or guide dogs are still the most effective help to people with vision impairments who wants to live an active life. That is why we emphasize spreading information to seeing people on how to behave properly when they cross path with a guide dog and his owner.


The rights of people commuting with guide dogs

27/2009. (X / 1.3.) Of the Ministry of Social Affairs

§ 9 (1) of the people. 7 /. In order to ensure equal access to public services, as defined in §-a (1), the owner and the trainer (hereinafter referred to as the guide dog employing persons) entitled to an assistance dog to stay with and use while at,( except for closed for the public areas) under § 4 of f. point), institution, field service and other, open to all facility (area), in particular public transport means, stores, including the food supply stores and catering business as well, mall markets, fairs, facility, playground, public cultural areas, educational, social services, child welfare and child protection institutions, public spa and bath areas, a zoo, and other a public area.
In accordance with § 9 (3) in an establishment (area) equipped with and an escalator a person using a guide dog entitled to the use of an operational stationary escalator.
§ 10 (2) applying that the owner of a guide dog can use the assistance of that dog without a muzzle.

What are the capacities of a guide dog?

What does a guide dog NOT know?

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