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Henna the pensioner guide dog met with her previous owner

Henna had to retire last year because of a  hip problem. Since then the 8-year-old guide dog has been living with Katalin and her husband in their warm-hearted home in Bátaapáti. The couple previously gave home to another retired guide dog, Miru. Henna now had the chance to meet her previous owner, Sándor, who lives with his new guide dog, Infra in Kistelek, near to Szeged. 

The black labrador, Henna loves cuddling with Infra
The black labrador, Henna loves cuddling with Infra

Sándor is satisfied with his helper, and was very happy to see Henna, who got on well with her younger colleague.

Henna loves being with Katalin and her family, she spends her retired years actively. Her favourite hobbie is searching for hidden things in the garden and she is very good at it. She often sniffs in the forest too, once she saw a deer but she came back for the first calling and did not run away. Henna is well-behaved, she only gets in the river if it is not prohibited although she likes being in the water. She is a real gift, and she can flatter like a cat.

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