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I’m Mágnes

My name is Mágnes (in english:Magneto). You have already met my siblings but now it’s my turn! I am also one of Iris’s puppies. Now I am already one month old, and I even had my name giving. Let me tell you a bit about myself.

Mágnes, the yellow Labrador puppy, loves to play
Mágnes, the yellow Labrador puppy, loves to play

First, what you must know is that I am a yellow Labrador boy. They say that I have a beautiful round head. Who am I to disagree? Anyhow, this will be my magnetism later. I love to play and fight with my siblings. If our current caretaker, Kati, sits down with us, I will cling to het just like a magnet to a fridge.

You can check my video below:

Mágnes’s sister, Milka, already introduced herself here.

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