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Lilla Plachy and Inga passed the exam

Lilla Plachy and her guide dog passed the road safety exam today. Lilla and Inga make a great pair, they could work together as real partners even in case of unexpected situations. Lilla and Inga were prepared for the exam by our trainer, Mónika Köbli.

Lilla and Inga passed the road safety exam.
Lilla and Inga passed the road safety exam.

There were lots of extra excitements before the exam, because the suburban train which Lilla and Inga would have arrived by, was first missed, then it was broken down. Finally, they arrived at the place of the exam successfully. Despite the complications, they walked well and confidently took the route drawn from the three possibilities.

We take the opportunity to congratulate them for passing the exam. We thank the members of examination committee, Darinka Farkas, Zsuzsi Renkó and Kata Rózsa for the participation and releasing the stress with light mood. We also thank the puppy raisers of Inga, Anna Kristó and her partner Róbert Rácz for the lots of love and work invested into the raising of this nice labrador girl!

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