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Messer Family Day with Guide Dogs

Last weekend we participated in the family day of Messer Hungarogáz Ltd. The employees took part in a whole day game, where they collected points at various stations. One of the stations was our program aimed to combat exclusionary attitudes. The participants were very kind and open; they tried out our games with great enthusiasm, while their eyes were covered or they wore simulation glasses aimed to demonstrate eye diseases. They were talking a lot with our friends who use guide dogs, and of course, everyone tried out what it is like to walk with a guide dog.

In the picture a woman is being guided by a yellow Labrador who is wearing a harness. On the other side of the dog there is her trainer.

Fidzsi is guiding a brave woman

Dóra Pozsgay participated in the event with her guide dog, Ében. She is talking about her experiences:

“As time went by, more and more people came, and I could barely load the paper into the Braille typewriter. I wrote the names of a lot of people in Braille who were interested and many of them dared to ask about how I can get along in the world as a visually-impaired and how I can walk and travel with Ében. It was a good day, since I could tell many people that despite being visually-impaired, I am like everyone else and I can live an independent and fulfilling life.”

At the end of the day, the company offered to our foundation a sum equal to the points collected at the stations. We wish to thank for everyone that as a result of collecting the points persistently and diligently, the participants gathered the total price of two puppies for our foundation.

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