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Of Course They Enchanted a Whole Class

Milan has solved his first program aimed to combat exclusionary attitudes smoothly:

Very good news is, I held the first program aimed to combat exclusionary attitudes with Nelson in an elementary school in Ajka. One afternoon we walked straight from work to this school. The teacher, with whom I had fixed the program, was waiting for us at the school gate.

The children were very cute and had smart questions. We even practiced how they can help me when I’m with my dog.

In the picture Milan is sitting on a chair and talking. His guide dog, Nelson, a yellow Labrador, is lying beside him on the ground.

Milán and Nelson in the classroom

I brought them a gift calendar and a Baráthegyi booklet. They also presented me and Nelson.

I really liked everything. You bet!

In the end, the children deftly lined up and stroked Nelson one by one. They were very happy and loved my dog as I do.

In the picture Nelson, a yellow Labrador, is lying on the ground, while a little boy is stoking his head.

Nelson can only be loved!

When we got home, Nelson already dropped down in the entrance hall: I think he got quite exhausted in the heavy concentration. I’m very proud of him!

Greetings to everyone:


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