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Alma is a true support dog, in every possible way

Our charity’s main mission is to train guide dogs for the blind but when we meet a dog whose personality is better suited to becoming a personal support dog, we will train her as well. As Alma, the black Labrador was born to become a personal support dog, we were very happy to see…

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Mágnes and Müzli successfully completed their exams

We are pleased to report that another two members of the M litter completed successful traffic safety exams. On the streets of Nyíregyháza, Mágnes and László Kiss demonstrated how coordinated they can work together. Müzli and Irénke Béláné Nagy performed the same tasks in Miskolc. Congratulations to both pairs!

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Our guidedogs went to and outdoors foodcourt

This October at our puppy meeting, we organized a slightly different program for our growing dogs and their owners and visited an outdoor foodcourt on the banks of the Danube. Would you really believe it if we told you that the labradors left with empty stomachs?

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