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How to train our guide dogs in the hot summer weather

Due to the hot weather, our puppy meet-up in August was held in a shopping mall in Budapest. Our dogs practiced in smaller groups: after common exercises they tried the glass elevator, went to the cinema and walked stairs a bit.

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Concert in the dark with a beautiful guide dog

Dandzsi, the German Shepherd, is an experienced guide dog and will soon be 7 years old. He arrived from Germany in July 2019, shortly after his master died. Kardon Annamari was already looking forward to being with her faithful companion and taking her home from Miskolc, where the staff of the Baráthegyi Guide Dog…

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A new chapter begins in Milka’s life

Milka has learned everything she will need later to be a companion for a visually impaired person. It’s time to get to know her future owner. Now they are practicing together. Milka was the…

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