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His guide dog is waiting at home while Misi is dragon boating

Being a visually impaired person and sitting in a canoe, while performing similar results as unblinded people, seems to be unbelievable at first hearing , but it is not that. Mihály Dombai is a perfect example for this, as he has been delivering well in a dragon boat for years. He does not only…

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Müzli Hits the Road to Become Guide Dog

Müzli the golden retriever lady already proved at the February Puppy Meeting how much she had learnt. Together with her puppy trainer, Réka Sápi, she performed perfectly in all the tasks so now she can start her adult training in Miskolc.

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Márvány Goes to College

Just after his first birthday, Márvány said goodbye to the family that had raised him and “went to college”. Márvány, a beautiful golden retriever is one of the largest pup in Litter M. He loves…

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