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October is the month of vision – A guide dog means a better and easier life

October is Vision Month, October 8 is World Vision Day, so we gathered the thoughts of some of our visually impaired friends about how their guide dog changed their lives. The dogs of the Baráthegyi Guide Dog School help their owners to travel independently and feel safe and give them a lot of joy,…

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As Milka’s new owner, Szindi doesn’t need others’ help anymore

Szindi asked our foundation for a guide dog in order to travel independently, and to no longer need the help of others. The young owner and the slightly temperamental puppy passed their road safety exam nicely. Congratulations to Szindi and Milka!

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Competitions and playful tasks – this is how our adolescent students practice

Enriched by summer experiences, our „O” and „P” named dogs entered adolescence at the same time. We gathered with them and their „foster-parent” carers on Hajógyári Island, where our student guide dogs practiced by carrying out creative tasks.

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