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Guide dogs are most at risk when they have rest

Pieces of bacon pierced with needle were scattered around the place where one of our guide dogs goes to work. Guide dogs are most at risk from such mischief because their visually impaired owners are not able to keep dogs from being tempted by lures in all situations. We summarized why this behavior is…

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Latte goes to university

Shortly after his first birthday, Latte packed his suitcase and said goodbye to his puppy-parents to enter a new phase of his training. Latte then practices with our trainer, Mónika Köbli, to turn a beautiful yellow Labrador into a true guide dog once and become a loyal companion to…

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Tiny Labrador puppies take over the Island

At our monthly puppy gathering in February, Winnipeg’s puppies (whose names all start with the letter ‘P’) joined their older canine friends (whose names all start with the letter ‘O’ and some nearly one year-old puppies whose names start with a letter ‘M’). Considering the rather high number of puppies and the age differences…

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