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Raising a guide dog student is an adventure of a lifetime

Future guide dogs are trained until the age of approximately one to one and a half years by volunteer puppy raisers. In the interview, László Rab talks about his first experiences as a puppy raiser. He took on this adventure with his wife, Szonja. Although they already own a dog, raising Latte is an entirely new challenge for them.

László Rab and his wife, Szonja take part in our puppy raising programme for the first time
László Rab and his wife, Szonja take part in our puppy raising programme for the first time

Latte moved in with the Rab family after she turned eight weeks old and immediately became friends with the family’s dog, Mandula. “Labradors are always a big challenge.” says László Rab with a big smile on his face.

The little yellow Labrador is already over four months old, and currently it is her teenage stubbornness that spices up the life of Szonja and László. “Earlier she did everything we told her, but a week ago she entered the stubborn ‘teenage’ phase. But we will overcome this, too.”

Latte was very good at learning the basics, which will be very important later, during her training. She knows basic rules like staying out of the bathroom or the bedroom, even when the door is open. She can already sit and stay in one place for a short time. Currently, she is practicing lying down and responding to call with her puppy raisers, which they can demonstrate at puppy meetings.

“I recommend becoming a puppy raiser to everyone who would like to try what life is like with a dog, but haven’t decided yet to get one.” says László, our puppy raiser. He considers being a puppy raiser a great learning opportunity. They receive a lot of support from the trainers of our school and the more experienced puppy raisers.

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