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Rumi, the wonder dog

One of the characters in the newest book of the writer, Panka Pásztohy was modeled after our former guide dog student. Rumi was a perfect guide dog and he also learnt how to indicate the epileptic seizures of his owner.

Rumi and his owner spent together 7 happy years
Rumi and his owner spent together 7 happy years

There is a guide dog which was modeled by the writer after our Rumi in the „Pitypang helps” volume of „Pitypang and Lili” book series. Rumi was a special guide dog because he was able to indicate the epileptic seizures of his owner.

Rumi, the wonder dog became a hero of a storybook

Rumi helped in the daily life of his owner, Zsuzsa Vincze for exactly 7 years. Zsuzsa lost her sight when she was 19 years old, but due to her epilepsy, she could not get a guide dog. „ I was looking for a guide dog for a long time, it wasn’t easy because I couldn’t get a dog due to my epilepsy. Finally, the team from Miskolc could help me. The experimental training of seizure dogs was started in Hungary that time, but it was a must for the successful training that the future owner and the dog grew up together. Rumi was almost 2 years old when I met him, and he had a strong character but I decided to work together with him.” – as Zsuzsa commented earlier to the news portal of Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén county.

We thank to Panka Pásztohy for giving a possibility to children to meet guide dogs in her book.

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