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Sándor and Ikon passed their exam successfully

The last of the “I”-generation, or, as his puppy educator, Marika Szűcs called him, “White Prince”, alias Ikon passed his road safety exam successfully. Széll István fell in love with his the precise, reliable work of Ikon when they first met, and attuned to each other very soon. Preparing to the exam, our trainer, Mária Nyíriné Kovács helped the pair.

Ikon isstanding in attention and proudly next to his owner, Sándor since he passed his exam
Sándor and Ikon passed their exam successfully

Ikon started his training in the autumn of 2018 after the providing education of Szűcs Marika. Ikon was an excessive youngster but he has become a responsible, mature-thinking dog, working dependably and becoming a fan of his guiding work.

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