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Sanyi and Ikon will make the perfect mach

I really like Ikon’s movement, because I like transporting in a fast way and he is a great partner in it. “The Baráthegyi Guide Dog School is paying attention to the pairing of guide dogs and their owners” said Sándor Széll who had his fifth training with his dog, Ikon and his trainer.

Sándor and Ikon while practicing
Sándor and Ikon while practicing

They went on the way between home and workplace of Sándor several times, which takes quite long across the city. He works as a masseour. Now he started practicing after work (and was little bit tired) but the time spent with Ikon on the streets of Budaörs gave him freshness. 

They were cruising around Sandor’s home with Nyíriné Kovács Mária, where Ikon got to know the streets, the parks, the nearest bus stops and of course the shop assistant of a little grocery. The lady said Ikon is very cute so they will have to make a stop at her shop.

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