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First Puppy Summit Held after Quarantine Lifted

Following the easing of the lock down restrictions, our trainers and guide dog trainee puppies met in Miskolc for a social gathering. Both humans and canines spent a fun day together, playing and learning some new skills.  The puppies started the day with freely running around in a big group, to release some of the extra […]

Óda has an oppinion of everything

Óda, from the O litter, is one the most like her mum, Zina. The beautiful little lady has a very pale coat, and an adorable pink nose. Her owner Marika Szűcs, says that Óda can be a little devil and a sweet angel at the same time. Óda translates as Ode, which is appropriate because […]

Our smallest guide-dog students were born

Our mother Zina gave birth to eleven beautiful and healthy puppies. The mum and the little ones are well too, Zina was accompanied by her friend, a kitty until the time she gave birth. The puppies are golden coloured, there are six boys and five girls. We are extremely proud of Zina, who has been an excellent mother so far. We count on you too, because in 8 weeks you will involve coaches for our little ones.  The program starts in December and January. Applicants are only expected from Budapest and its surroundings, Miskolc and its agglomeration area, and Vas and Zala counties.  […]

There are two new puppies in our group

Fiera gave birth to four puppies, but unfortunately two of them were born dead. The mother dog and her two newborns are healthy, they are all OK, the puppies are developing well. The first of the two yellow male puppies was born with 53 while the second puppy with 58 decagrams. We were deeply shaken […]


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