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Trafi the rescue dog doesn’t know fear

The Romanian firefighters thanked us in a post on their Facebook page for the appearance of our rescue dog, Trafi in the NATO practice test called “Vigorous Warrior 2019”. They said: “Trafi taught us that animals have a soul too. He was very brave and he didn’t care about any danger or injury.” We are very proud that we trained Trafi in the Baráthegyi Guide Dog School.

Trafi does not know fear
Trafi does not know fear

“Trafi was unstoppable, no injury could stop him. He was helping us the whole time in ruined buildings. During the days in Romania he was in a very good state. His special training skills make him self-confident. He could find survivors under the ruins and made a successful search. “ – wrote the firefighters on Facebook. 

Trafi was the member of the Hungarian searching rescue team in Bucharest who took place in the Vigorous Warrior practice. He went there with the director of our Foundation, dr. Tamás Mezősi. 

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