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Two newly trained hungarian guide dogs found owners

Early August was busy for us, as we had two new guide dog team’s (couples), Alexandra and Maya, and Ervin and Tex, who started their ‘handover programme’ on Monday.

Alexandra and Maya, Ervin and Tex

Alexandra and Maya, Ervin and Tex

All of them are lucky that – according to previous tests – they  have found each other with the help of the experts of Baráthegyi Vakvezető Kutya Iskola. The next few days will be challenging for both the would – be owners and the dogs as they have to prove their skills to work together in this phase of the training. First of all, owners and dogs have to get synchronized so that they can understand and smoothly react to each and every tiny little sign they give. They have to be able to prove it in practice by solving different traffic – related and other tasks. If they succeed, they can go home, where they will continue their training with the personal help of our experts, so that they can pass the strict guide dog – exam that is ahead of them. Following this, they will be able to take part in traffic safely. Knowing their results, we are sure we can inform you about their successful exams soon.

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