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Vaccination and microchip were given to 10 puppies of Iris

The recently born guide dog puppies are at six weeks of age and they received their first vaccination and microchip for their unique identification.

Puppies from „M” litter received their vaccination and microchip
Puppies from „M” litter received their vaccination and microchip

Based on the microchip unique ID, each dog has a data sheet in the pet registration system of the Hungarian Veterinary Chamber. There are several benefits of microchipping a dog. As an example, with a microchip scanner anyone can scan the microchip unique ID and check the vaccination records for the dog. The examination committee does the same before a visually impaired person takes a road safety exam with his/her dog.

Ten „M” puppies are officially owned by the Baráthegyi Guide Dog and Service Dog School Foundation from now on.

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