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We look forward puppy educators for 10 tiny labradors (starts in the middle of April)

The Baráthegyi Guide Dog School is looking for volunteers for their puppy education programme for the puppies of Iris, which starts in the middle of April. The candidates help to make a great base of education with love and caring in order to train the guide dogs of the future. The active, playful dogs spend 10-12months with their educator family and after that they start the real guide dog education.

The little puppies spend 10-12months with their educators
The little puppies spend 10-12months with their educators

The training of these dogs does not depend on your age: we have younger and elder people as well in our team, such as people with no experience in dog training. The educators have the possibility to ask for some help from our puppy training coordinator.  The nutrition and the expense of healthcare are financed by our foundation. The meetings which occur once in a month take place in Budapest.

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